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From humble beginnings in southern Queensland, ‘The Ayers Rockettes’ went on to become the premier party band of a generation. In the eighties they were FM104’s station band of choice, headlining their ‘Summer Hummer’ beach promotions, along with several FM104 Rock Cruises with P&O lines. Such was their drawing power, the Rockettes were sponsored by Ansett, XXXX, Perreaux Amplifiers and Malibu rum.

Holding residencies at some of the biggest and best venues in the SE QLD region, The Rockettes regularly performed to huge crowds. This continued throughout the late eighties and nineties, the heyday of live music in Australia. In 1988 the band was asked to be ambassadors for ‘World Expo 88’ in Hong Kong, performing multiple shows in that city.

From Perth to Tasmania, Cairns to Darwin, The Rockettes have toured every corner of the continent. As their fan base and popularity grew the US beckoned and the band toured America’s southern states to enthusiastic crowds. Over recent years ‘The Rockettes’ took the stage at the legendary Crowbar for the 2015 and 2016 Gympie Musters and Cruisin Country 2017.

In addition to a guaranteed good time, Ayers Rockette fans have always respected the musical prowess of the line-up. Collectively, band members have performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the industry, both locally and internationally, including Keith Urban, Lee and Tania Kernaghan, Doc Neeson, Slim Dusty, James Blundell to name but a few. Keith Urban himself was once a member of the group and his respect for the band compelled him to secure them as his original backing band. All the players are consummate professionals whose love of performing has only increased in their many years working together.

With a songlist so vast they can cater to all audiences, transcending age and musical tastes. This considerable experience means they can curate a set on the fly to keep the punters dancing; the band keenly understands this is what people want when they make the effort to go out to experience a live music event.

People who have seen and heard The Ayers Rockettes over the years regard them with much respect. From the band’s point of view it’s been wonderful developing relationships with their audience over the years, to the extent that original fans now bring along their own families, to introduce a whole new generation to what was for them a pivotal part of their musical journey.
The Ayers Rockettes always have and always will produce exceptional music and entertainment. The group believes strongly in the power of music and its value as a positive life experience. They look forward to many more years performing and sharing this experience with their ever growing audience.

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